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What is REJUVI?

Rejuvi tattoo removal technique utilizes a solution extraction mechanism to remove tattoo pigments from the skin. It was initially developed to reverse micropigmentation or permanent makeup (tattooed eyebrows) in the early 1990’s. This technique has been used to diminish body tattoos since the mid 1990’s with a 92% success rate for full removal.

How does REJUVI work?

This technique uses tattoo over procedures with tattooing equipment so that it is very compatible with permanent makeup artists and tattoo artists as well. The solution is tattooed over the existing tattoo causing the solution to merge with the ink under the surface of the skin and repel it to the surface forming a protective scab that will remain until the skin is healed (10 days minimum, up to 3 weeks depending on the area of the body).

How many procedures does it take?

In some cases one procedure will remove all ink but depending on different factors, it can take up to 5 with sufficient wait time in between of 12 weeks. Rejuvi is a great option for those looking to lighten a tattoo enough for a cover up as well, or just removing a specific area of a tattoo.

How does REJUVI compare to Laser?

Laser breaks down the ink molecules small enough so it can travel through the lymphatic system to exit the body. Depending on the laser it often takes many sessions to continue to break down the pigment and will not remove some colors. With the Rejuvi process, the ink pigment merges with the solution and surfaces the skin forming a scab until it exfoliates. Rejuvi is more effective, non color selective, less painful, safe and most often less expensive.

Can you do both laser and Rejuvi?

It is best to start with Rejuvi to release the ink before laser, as laser can result in skin changes that can minimize the efficacy of Rejuvi.

Does Rejuvi work on all tattoos and colors?

Rejuvi was designed for the extraction of traditional inorganic pigments such as iron oxides, carbon black, chromium oxide and titanium dioxide etc, which are common pigments used by tattoo artists. All colors respond to the Rejuvi method.

Can you remove all permanent makeup and microblading?

Yes! Rejuvi was specifically invented for this purpose and works well on the removal of brows and lip liner.

How long do I have to wait before tattooing over brows after removal?

After a removal session, it is very important to let the skin heal and rest at its own pace.. There is NO rush! In most cases it can take up to 6 months (sometimes less) Tattooing too soon can cause the skin to respond unfavorably, resulting in poor retention. It is always good to respect the skin and wait on the side of caution. Patience is key.

How many procedures does it take?

This is difficult to predict as each situation is unique. Many factors for example; age of ink, depth and saturation by previous artist can make a difference whether full removal will need more procedures to accomplish desired results. In many cases, it can take one to two procedures for success, others can take up to 5.

How long do I wait in between procedures?

Typically, two skin cycles (12 weeks) are sufficient before the next round of removal.What is the average size tattoo in a removal session?
While Rejuvi is used for smaller sized tattoos, anything larger will be divided up in sessions, up to a 2 X 2 inch surface area per session.

How long is a session?

Most appointments take up to 45 minutes, which includes numbing time.

What is the aftercare like?

The aftercare instructions are detailed and strict such as no water contact with the wound for a minimum of 4 days and only light water exposure thereafter and must be thoroughly dried after each exposure until completely healed. Protecting the wound from dirty environments is key and allowing the scab to exfoliate naturally – NO PICKING! Your technician will go over the aftercare during your consultation and again after your procedure.

Are some people not a candidate for Rejuvi?

The Rejuvi process is safe for all skin types with a 92% success rate for full removal. Clients who struggle with picking impulses are not candidates. Picking will result in infections, longer healing times and scarring.

After removal
After removal
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