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With Over 20 Years of Experience, Diane Warren is A Leader in The Permanent Cosmetics, & Microblading Industry.

Our Permanent Cosmetic Services Include The Following:

Permanent Cosmetics

Vancouver Washington's highest rated, and most experienced permanent cosmetic service provider.

Eyebrows, Eyes, & Lips

Diane Warren delivers nothing less than perfection, & delivers nothing but the best permanent cosmetic services.

Permanent Eyeliner

Looking for the best permanent eyeliner solutions in Vancouver & Portland, look no further.

Breathtaking, Perfect Eyeliner

Sharp, accurate, perfect eyeliner that is permanent, and colored to your exact request.

Lip Blushing

Struggling to get the perfect lips, our permanent lipstick, lip liner, and lip blushing services are the ideal solution.

Lip Perfection for Your Ideal Look

Looking to achieve the perfect look by applying permanent lipstick & lip liner, we are your local lip makeup specialist.
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We specialize in elegant contouring, defining and highlighting your best features

Microblading treatment
Lip blushing treatment

Learn What Makes Us Different

Look your best in any setting with the permanent cosmetics from Diane at Fine Lines. By choosing permanent cosmetics in Vancouver, WA, you will put your best face forward each day. Diane offers a series of cosmetic services to make you feel beautiful and confident wherever you go. From subtle lashlines and designer liner with wings to microblading hair strokes on brows, you will leave with a natural look that lets you stand out for all of the right reasons. Visit Diane today to discover how permanent cosmetic tattooing can enhance your appearance and improve your confidence.

Do you struggle with applying makeup? You are not alone! Show off a sleek and sexy appearance without spending extra time putting on makeup when you turn to Diane for your permanent makeup in Vancouver WA

Forever doesn’t always have to be permanent. If you got a tattoo that you now regret, you have options to remove the ink without causing damage to the skin. Whether your permanent cosmetics have started to become distorted due to the passage of time or you simply no longer want the image or wording on your skin, let Diane show you how easy it can be to clean up the skin.

In addition to her services for permanent cosmetics, Diane is available to perform full tattoo removal on any area of the body. Her unique formula follows a non-laser tattoo removal technique to deliver results that do not impact the overall texture of your skin. 

Have you recently gone through surgery and are feeling insecure about your appearance? Rebuild your self-esteem by visiting Diane for permanent cosmetic tattooing. Diane offers this specialized option for those who have been through breast reconstructive surgery and other procedures. She is happy to speak with you about these services.

For Over Two Decades Diane Warren Has Been Providing Unsurpassed Permanent Makeup, Eyebrows, eyeliner, and Microblading in Vancouver WA.

Diane Warren founded Fine Lines to provide clients with the ultimate in permanent cosmetics in Vancouver. Based in the beautiful Park Plaza Towers, this skilled permanent cosmetic artist uses proven techniques along with safe and effective products to satisfy every beauty request. With her help and cosmetic services, you will never rush to apply makeup again. Diane also trains other beauty, medical, and skin care professionals who want to learn the latest in permanent cosmetics and tattoo removal techniques. 

Permanent Cosmetics in Vancouver WA

Eyebrows, Eyeliner, Lips, Lip Liner, & Paramedical Tattooing, Your Complete Permanent Cosmetics Services​

Permanent Cosmetics You Never Have to Worry About

Fine Lines Permanent Cosmetics Studio makes it easier for you to restore your youthful and natural appearance. Diane Warren, owner of the studio, utilizes permanent cosmetics in Vancouver, WA. Whether you wish to simplify your everyday makeup routine or are exploring options to enhance your look, you can count on Diane to help you attain your best possible appearance.

Reverse the effects of time, aging, and illness. Thanks to the use of advanced technology, it is possible to look younger again and restore your confidence. Permanent cosmetics, also known as dermal pigmentation, micropigmentation, microblading, and cosmetic tattooing, are a selection of procedures that is revolutionizing the way women approach beauty.

These procedures apply pigments directly under your skin to recreate eyebrows, and also apply beauty marks. Permanent cosmetic tattooing successfully reverses the effects of age and disease. If you have lost your eyebrows to genetic defects, alopecia, or chemotherapy, this procedure empowers you to restore your natural appearance. It also disguises scars and white spots caused by vitiligo.

Cosmetic tattooing is more than a restorative procedure. It is also a great alternative to applying makeup. Traditional makeup can irritate skin–and may even be impossible to use due to allergic reactions, age, medical conditions, and also unfamiliarity. If you are unable to put on makeup, you can feel at ease knowing that cosmetic tattooing allows you to always look your best.

Versatile Permanent Cosmetic Applications Utilizing the Latest Technology

Permanent cosmetics are safe, and all inks and pigments used in the procedures are subject to regulation by the FDA. Diane carefully chooses the inks and pigments that complement your skin tones, which ensures the results are as natural as possible. Thanks to her extensive training and experience in applying dermal pigments, Diane’s methods are safe and effective.

Dermal pigmentation is a versatile procedure. It may be applied virtually anywhere on the face, and it can restore the natural appearance of other parts of the body. Diane’s cosmetics studio offers different options to take advantage of this treatment, including:

Permanent Eyebrows

The shapes of your eyebrows convey many things, such as your mood and age. Design your ideal look with Diane’s assistance. The studio offers microblading that recreates a variety of eyebrow styles, such as a soft powder look or realistic eyebrows.

Eyebrows after microblading treatment
Permanent eyeliner treatment

Permanent Eyeliner

Eyeliner adds definition and an aesthetic mystique to your eyes. Permanent eyeliner allows you to toss out those messy and cumbersome liners and instead wake up with a fabulous look each morning. Diane can create the look you want, including lash enhancements and winged designs.

Permanent Lip Liner and Lip Blushing

Forget about smudging and smearing lipstick that will eventually fade. With permanent lip liner, and lip blushing, you will attain that picture-perfect look you have always wanted. Diane matches your favorite lipsticks and corrects faded natural lines.

Finding the right shade and shape of permanent cosmetics is just as important as the artist applying them. Diane is well-versed in colors and color theory. She applies this knowledge to fix imperfections. Tattoo removal is also available.

Lips after lip blushing treatment
pigmentation service

Paramedical Tattooing

Medical conditions and procedures can rob you of your natural appearance. With Diane’s assistance, you have the power to restore what you have lost. The studio specializes in areola pigmentation, which is the final step in breast reconstruction. Diane also restores skin pigments that have been lost to facelift scaring and general plastic surgery.

What to Expect

Call Diane to schedule a consultation during which you can tell her the type of permanent cosmetics procedure you want and your expectations. She’ll recommend options to fulfill your requests and provide you with price quotes.

Contact Diane and arrange an appointment for permanent cosmetic treatment. Diane’s studio is located in Vancouver, WA.

Although permanent cosmetics are designed to last for years, touch-ups or additional cosmetic tattooing are available at your request. To achieve optimum results, read more about pre-procedure care and post after care.

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