Pre-Procedure & Permanent Cosmetics After Care

Here You Will Find All Care Instructions, We Have Also Included Them in Downloadable PDF

Pre-Procedure Care for Eyebrows, Eyeliner, Lipliner and/or Full Lip Color

All permanent cosmetic procedures can be a multi-session process. Occasional light spots in the ink will require a follow-up visit 4-6 weeks after the procedure.

Be prepared for color intensity of your procedure to shift during healing and can be lighter/darker than what is expected for the final outcome. It will take time for this transition, based on how quickly the outer area of your skin exfoliates.

While these implanted colors may initially simulate the exact color and tone desired, it will not always remain a perfect match. Injected pigments are consistent, while your own skin tones will vary depending on exposure to cold, heat sun and circulatory changes. 

Since delicate skin or sensitive areas may swell slightly or redden, some clients feel its best not to make any social plans immediately after any procedure. However, most clients can continue their daily schedule. Most agree, there is no down time.

If you’d like, you may wear your normal makeup, but bring your lip and brow pencils along with you to your consultation/procedure appointment. You can wash off your makeup when you arrive. Any eyebrow tweezing or waxing should be done at least 48 hours prior to the procedure: electrolysis no less than 7 days before. Do not resume any method of hair removal for at least 2 weeks. Any eyelash or eyebrow tinting or lash curling should be done no sooner than 48 hours before or two weeks after the procedure.

For an eyeliner procedure, please remember to bring glasses and not wear your contacts that day. You can resume your contact wear in 24 hours. Icing (frozen bag of peas) will provide eye comfort for eyeliner procedures.

If you are having a lip procedure and have any history of cold sores/fever blisters/ herpes simplex, we recommend contacting your physician to obtain the proper prescription medication to prevent outbreaks. Many physicians prescribe 12 capsules of 500 mg. Valtrex. These can be taken 2 times a day, two days before tattooing and four days after or as physician prescribes. A bag of frozen peas will provide comfort and bring down swelling. Lips will be swollen for 2-3 days.


  • For all permanent cosmetic procedures: no caffeine the morning of your procedure and no alcohol the night before
  • Five days prior please discontinue any medication containing aspirin, steroids, or any anti-inflammatory drug unless absolutely necessary as prescribed by your physician.
  • If you are pregnant or nursing, we will not be able to do permanent cosmetics at this time.
  • Post procedure information will be given the day of your appointment.
  • Permanent Cosmetics means that your makeup will not wash off. You will have years of personal freedom from reapplying makeup.
  • Tanning beds and constant sun exposure WILL fade your permanent cosmetics.
  • Refreshing your permanent cosmetics from time to time may be necessary. Depending on what area of the country you live in (sun exposure)

Permanent Cosmetics After Care


Following your procedure, be sure to keep the area clean by washing lightly with a neutral/mild soap and gently pat dry. Apply topical ointment to the site during the healing process (approx. 3-6 days). Reapply ointment several times a day during this time.

If you have swelling, the application of ice following your procedure for the first 24 hours is also recommended.

Be careful not to scratch, rub or pick any area. This could pull the tint that has been implanted under the skin and/or cause infection. Leaving empty areas (with no color). Color can take up to a week to slough off. BE PATIENT!!

The entire healing process takes 4-6 weeks. After the dry ink has sloughed off, expect areas of your tattoo to lighten and darken. This is normal and takes a little time to even out. It is not uncommon to have areas where the ink is lighter, or nonexistent. Permanently implanting color in these delicate areas is a process! Your follow up appointment will address these issues.

No swimming, saunas, hot tubs or vigorous physical exercise for one week following tattooing.

Note: It is normal to lose about 1/3 of the color during the first few days. Lips may lose up to 50%. Some clients lose more, some less. Remember, everyone is different. Sun exposure and fluorescent lighting causes fading. USE YOUR SUNSCREEN! Also, if you wish to donate blood, please notify the Red Cross of this procedure.


For the first night: Use the Celluvisc drops right before bed. The clear vials of Refresh can be used any time your eyes feel itchy or scratchy. Saline drops are also good and may be used if you need additional lubrication. Do not start using contact lenses until your eyes feel normal. Eyeliners, eyeshadow, mascara and eyelash curlers should be avoided for 5 days. A clean tube of mascara is recommended.


Keep area clean and moistened with ointment. Ice if necessary. DO NOT PICK!!


Your lips may still be numb when you leave, so use caution. Follow your physician’s recommendation for taking the anti-viral if he/she has prescribed you one. Keep area clean and moistened. This keeps lips soft and pliable. Avoid salty, spicy and highly acidic foods if possible. Do not pick or rub. By the third or fourth day, large areas of tint will slough off. Do not pull areas that are still attached. This will leave areas without tint.

If you have any questions, or concerns, please call Diane @ (360) 936-7380

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