Diane Warren is Vancouver, WA Top Permanent Cosmetics Specialist

For Over Two Decades Diane Has Been Providing Unsurpassed Permanent Makeup & Tattoo Removal Services For Clients Nationwide.

About Diane Warren

Diane Warren of Fine Lines is very familiar with the skin and healing process. She knows how skin heals, how to push the skin, and more. Diane understands the laser and the procedure used in some cosmetic procedures, and that laser and non-laser treatments together work best.

She is a rare find in the permanent cosmetic industry. As a certified Master Aesthetician and member of the NCEA (National Coalition of Aesthetics Association), Diane’s beauty career expands over two decades with a comprehensive understanding of the skin and its healing process. While specializing in elegant contouring, defining, and highlighting of her clients’ best features, her eye for detail and artistic ability make her highly sought after, as her clients describe her as a consummate perfectionist. 

Diane’s career includes extensive experience with lasers and advanced skincare while working alongside some of the most well-known plastic surgeons throughout the United States. Her schedule keeps her busy, as she travels throughout the country, transforming her clients.

In addition to her work in permanent cosmetics, Diane is an independent trainer for the Rejuvi Tattoo Removal System. She is only 1 of 3 trainers in the U.S. certified for non-laser tattoo removal. Her schedule includes training physicians, tattoo artists, and dermal specialists while using the Rejuvi extraction technique invented by the renowned biochemist, Dr. Wade Cheng, Ph.D. of San Francisco, California, by whom her credentials are endorsed.

Diane complements her skills and experience with continuing education in her craft. Because she is a seasoned professional who knows what she is talking about, she is the ideal instructor for those interested in learning more about permanent cosmetics and tattoo removal.

She understands the need for permanent cosmetic and non-laser tattoo removal services and is filling the gap in the industry. Because she is knowledgeable about color theory, Diane gives clients the correct hues for permanent cosmetics.

Diane's Skill, Experience, & Attention to detail is shown in every client.

Our Permanent Cosmetics & Tattoo Removal/Correction Services Include The Following:

Permanent Cosmetics

Vancouver & Portlands highest rated, and most experienced permanent cosmetic service provider.

Eyebrows, Eyes, & Lips

Diane Warren delivers nothing less than perfection, & delivers nothing but the best permanent cosmetic services.
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Perfect Lips

Struggling to get the perfect lips, our permanent lipstick & lip liner services are the ideal solution.

Lip Perfection for Your Ideal Look

Looking to achieve the perfect look by applying permanent lipstick & lipliner, we are your loal lip makeup specialist.
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Microblading Services

With over a decade and a half of experience, Fine Lines is Vancouver's go-to Microblading Solution Provider.

Permanent, Perfect Eyebrows

From a powdered look to the perfect color & shape, we ensure outstanding results.
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Are you less than satisfied with the results of previous permanent cosmetic applications, we can change that.

Get The Look You Wanted

Diane is an expert in corrections and removal of permanent cosmetics.
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Permanent Eyeliner

Looking for the best permanent eyeliner solutions in Vancouver & Portland, look no further.

Breathtaking, Perfect Eyeliner

Sharp, accurate, perfect eyeliner that is permanent, and colored to your exact request.
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Tattoo Removal

Specializing in Rejuvi tattoo removal to help eliminate unwanted tattoos & permanent cosmetics

Rejuvi Tattoo Removal

Using chemical tattoo removal that is not as painful or time consuming as laser.
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Diane Warrens Experience Speaks Wonders But Her Client's Rave Reviews Are What is Important

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