Care After Microblading

After you have had your microblading procedure, it is important to provide proper care for your eyebrows. This will help ensure that the best results are achieved and that you enjoy the full benefits of this semi-permanent make up solution.

After two hours use a cotton swab dipped in sterilized water over the area. This will help to reduce any inflammation and prevents infection. Do not rub or scratch the area, as this can cause further damage.

In the first few days after your procedure, keep your eyebrows dry and clean. Don’t wear makeup or use cosmetic products, and avoid swimming or having any other activities that may result in excessive sweat.

Apply a thin layer of topical antibiotic ointment over the area two to three times per day and keep your eyebrows moisturized with an ointment or Vaseline. Be sure not to rub the ointment in as this could cause damage.

Consult your technician for additional information on how to care for your eyebrows after microblading, as this can vary depending on skin type and other factors. Following proper care instructions will help ensure that you get the best

Potential complications

Infections and allergic reactions are the most common potential complications of microblading. Infections can be caused by unsterilized tools, while allergic reactions may occur due to the pigments used in the procedure. It is important to follow your technician’s aftercare instructions to minimize these risks.

Common discomfort experienced after microblading includes dryness, itchiness, tenderness and minor bleeding. These should all subside within a few days of the procedure. If the discomfort persists or worsens, contact your technician for further advice.

If you experience any signs of infection such as redness, swelling, pus or fever, seek medical attention immediately.

In some cases, microblading can result in scarring or uneven pigment retention. If you experience any of these issues, contact your technician to discuss the possibility of correcting the issue with a touch-up procedure.

Always make sure that you are working with an experienced and licensed technician when having microblading done.

Once Healed After Care

After your microblading procedure has healed, it is important to continue to provide proper care for your eyebrows. Make sure not to rub or scratch your eyebrows, as this could cause damage and affect the results.

It is also important to keep the area clean and moisturized. Apply a thin layer of ointment two-three times a day to help keep the area moisturized. Avoid activities that result in excessive sweat and heat such as saunas, swimming pools or hot yoga classes.

Be sure to use sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 on your eyebrows when going out into the sun for extended periods of time. You should also avoid using any cosmetic products, especially those with alcohol or exfoliating agents.

It is also important to touch up your microblading procedure after one year in order to maintain the desired results. Consult your technician for more information on how frequently you should have a touch-up.

Finally, be sure to inform your technician of any changes in health that could impact the results of your microblading including medications you may be taking, pregnancies or any skin conditions that could occur. This can help ensure that the best possible results are achieved with your microblading procedure.

By following these aftercare instructions and consulting your technician when necessary, you can help ensure that your microblading results last for a long time. Proper care is essential to get the most out of this procedure and maintain your desired look.

Eyebrows after treatment